our business to consumer café brand
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Stir is our Business to Consumer Café brand.

It’s brimming full of the best, innovative, quality products, processes, business management tools and super enticing marketing collateral. It’s our straight out of the box, off the shelf Café brandIt’s designed exclusively for our leisure sector clients. 

Stir is designed for retail Cafes. It is best suited to operations that have a dedicated food and drink team, but perhaps those who do not have a dedicated food and drink manager or leader within the organisation.  

what Stir can do for you

The Benefits

Innovative Solutions

It provides an out of the box, strongly branded Café solution.  

Time Efficient

It does not require senior or site management time to research, evaluate and update on ongoing basis.  

Gross Profit

It will deliver your required gross profit range.  

Sales, Sales, Sales

It will drive additional sales. 

Improved NPS

It will help improve your NPS. 

Healthy Choices

It will provide you with a Café operation which offers synergy with your overall mission and purpose by offering your customers a range of food and drink options which are lower in sugar, salt and saturated fat.  

Become Socially Responsible

It helps you achieve your corporate social responsibility goals – achieving reduced usage of single use plastics, an increase in usage of recyclable materials, increased compostable coffee cup etc.  

A Smaller, Tighter Chain

It ensures that all required due diligence is conducted on the supply chain and can reduce the number of suppliers that on site and support teams are required to contact and process.  

Ingenious Menus

It provides an innovative, creative, standard menu which is regularly updated, which will deliver your required gross profit point.  

what is included in the Stir brand package

The Stir Brand Pack

  • A complete, fully costed menu updated twice per year.  
  • Seasonal promotions targeting key user groups (3 per year). 
  • A gourmet coffee menu to be served through your choice of bean to cup or traditional espresso machines.  
  • Innovative, health focused product ranges, bespoke for Stir clients.  
  • Suggested pricing range for each product, targeted at your required gross profit point.  
  • New to market products, fully researched with a straightforward supply line. 
  • Full nutritional information for each menu item.  
  • Full allergen information for each menu item.  
  • A detailed costings calculator for each menu item, allowing you to manage your desired gross profit percentage readily.  
  • A full report suite, which will provide you with all the key performance information you require to effectively manage your operation.  
  • A range of Stir branded promotional materials including menus, signage, coffee boards, price talkers, posters.  
  • A seamless supplier network of partners who will provide you with awesome quality products, with exclusive pricing and product promotion support.  
  • Key preferred contacts for design and fit out, major and small equipment, furniture and staff uniform.  
  • A Full Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCPmanual, updated annually.  
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Food Safety online courses accredited by the Institute of Environmental Health Officers.  
  • On-site training of two days for each site launching Stir Brand.  
  • Six-monthly on-site manager and team support days (total of two days per year, per site).
  • Full follow up management report, following the on-site support day. 
  • Monthly management report, supported by key indicator information, together with key recommendations for improvement. 
  • Recommended staffing role specs and training plans. 
  • Recommended opening hours, and staffing levels. 
  • General e-mail support to designated managers and up to two hours per month of dedicated online or video call support for any specific issues requiring additional support.  

Why not get in touch…

The Stir monthly support package is priced on either a 12, 24 or 36 month plan. Please contact us for an initial discussion and quote.